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Surfboard Fins

Originally, surfboards did not have fins. The first fin setup was the single-fin on the longer surfboards. The twin-fin came next, followed by the tri-fin or thruster. These three setups comprise the bulk of surfboard fin positions.

Glass on or Removal fin

glass-on and removal

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Our fins can be glassed on as a permanent fixture or screwed in with a specialized system that allows removal at surfers’ discretion. There are eight major characteristics in a surf fin: materials, base, height, sweep, area, cant, foil and flexibility. Alongside with surfer’s weight, these variables will influence the drive, pivot and hold behavior of a fin setup. They are flexible and come in different lengths & shapes to keep the surfboard on a truer trajectory.

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Fin setups

Common fin setups have 6 types in totally, they are

1) Single fin
2) Twin fin
3) Thruster
4) 2+1 fin
5) Quad
6) 5-fin

Besides considering of wave conditions, fin setups also facilitate with board size.


  • Surfboard fins

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  • Long board fins

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  • SUP fins

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Wavelink familiar with all types of fin setups, send us your design and we can made it perfect! ;)