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A good stand up paddle is an important element of stand up paddle boarding. Our paddles are constructed from a variety of superior materials including fiberglass, full carbon, 50% carbon or polyester with a foam core. We manufacture the best in strength and speed, both on the waves or just tooling around the flats. SUP paddles can comes in fixed length, adjustable or detachable types in multiple constructions, sizes and flex patterns.

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3-Section Travel Paddle

 treval paddle-3section 2treval paddle-3section

Adjustable Paddle


Paddle for SUP are relatively basic, they have three parts: The handle, the shaft and blade. Important aspects of a SUP paddle are shape, blade size, paddle length and weight. Our customers can customize to suit their specific needs.

1) Our handles on the SUP paddles are mostly similar in ergonomic design. They are made to fit the palm of user’s hand.


2) Our Premium shafts are made to the highest possible standards. The shaft is the most important part of the paddle, it can be made of Full Carbon, 50% carbon or Fiberglass. Adjustable shaft with a Quick Clamp can be adjusted to fit any paddler. The shaft shape can be round or oval for our customers to choose.

Carbon Fabric Pattern: 3K/6K/12K


shaft filled with spongy inside to make a floatable paddle.

3) There are various styles to the paddle blade. They feature the optimum blend of stiffness and flex-curve. Our full carbon blade is incredibly lightweight and impact resistant.

We offer 3 types of blade




Blade made of polyester and carbon fiber.


Adding rubber to protect edge of the blade (optional)