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Wavelink International Limited is a well-established fin manufacturer based in Hong Kong since the early 80’s, which is now one of the leading OEM (original equipment manufacturer) of composite Watersports accessories in the world. With a very strong reputation in our core markets of Surfing, windsurfing, stand up Paddle (SUP) and Kite-surfing. We specialize in fin, leash, traction pad and paddle with expertise and experience in working with different materials and manufacturing processes. We serve customers from various regions including United States, South America, Europe, Asia, Middle East, etc.

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Having a professional and creative team of fin experts, we are determined to provide high quality products under our strict quality control. All products go through severe inspections in order to achieve the highest customers’ satisfaction and our excellent customer services ensure every customer’s need is met. This also enables Wavelink in a position to support customers with reliable sources and competitive offers.

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At the same time we encourage to preserve and protect the environment, in doing so we have invested over a million RMB in our water- and air- processing units. This ensures all of our water released is being regulated and treated according to the latest environmental standards. Moreover, we are constantly looking into and adopt other means to be eco-conscious.

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